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About Me

Juvi's Profile

  • NAME : J U V I 
  • Surname : Juvi Then 
  • Religion :Buddhist
  • Citizen : Indonesia 
  • Born : June 18th, 1994 
  • Weight : 48 kg 
  • Height : 165 cm 
  • Blood Group : O 
My name is Juvi, I'm Indonesian , I can speak Indonesian, Chinese Regions (Khekh), and a bit of English, so I'm sorry if my english grammar is bad, despite that I still write my profile with English because I continue to learn to be better than before, therefore I started from this profile .

Ok , A little bit about me 😊😁

I'm Interested to Learn the Internet world, 'cause from internet I get Knowledge and various kinds of information which can make me to learn about something new . I Like playing at Fun World / Timezone 'Cause it could refresh my brain when several days undergoing routine as administrative services company in Kosambi, Tangerang.- Indonesia.  ehm, other about me I Love black combination Pink colours because it looks sparkling 😍😍. I love eating apples 🍏. My favourite instrument song is Canon in D , I like it 'cause I never get bored for listening this Instrument song.

My Social Network 

who aren't using social media? Definitely people  familiar with social media because almost of everyone dependence with their gadgets, the gadget where they are filled with a social media account . and I also have several social media accounts .

Ok, following social media accounts that I have, Check it out !

For other ID Social Networking like 🌟Path 🌟wechat 🌟Line 🌟KakaoTalk 🌟Foursquare 🌟Instagram, 👉 Etc, follow the ID : " THENJUVI "

I think its enough about my simple profile . Thanksyou for everyone to Read my Profile . I hope the blog walking never to feel bored to view my blog  😘

And then, the Last I had a few Quotes 
"Today you Enjoy what you're Learning. Tomorrow you Enjoy what you've Learned"

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